Statistical/chemometrical data analysys

Consulting in the field of statistical/chemometric data analysis


We provide consulting in the field of statistical and chemometric analysis of numeric data. We offer assistance in the planning, proper data collection and the presenting of research results with their visualization. Moreover we offer statistical support during the validation of measurement methods within the laboratory or production. The validation is to ensure lowest possible measurement uncertainty. It also allows to estimate the impact of the external factors (ie. the instrumental, environmental, human), on the value of the uncertainty. The need of the validation of measurement methods is also required in accordance with the regulations and directives in force in the European Union.

The service includes the verification of the correctness already existed database, performation of appropriate statistical analyzes,  searching for relationships between variables and visualization the results with their interpretation.Statistical support for the validation stage involves the assessment of the characteristics of normality, comparison the average of the reference value, assessment of the repeatability and measurement uncertainty. The service is designed for individual customer needs.


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