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When performing risk assessment we follow the highest standards of the existing European regulations, i.e. REACH regulation (1907/2006), cosmetics regulation (1223/2009), pesticides regulation (1107/2009) etc.

 We apply advanced computational modeling techniques that enable decreasing cost, time and the number of necessary testing on laboratory animals, following the 3Rs principle (Replace, Reduce, Refine of laboratory animals). Computational methods, when comparing with traditional laboratory work, enable developing products that are safe-by-design by considering more than a thousand times larger amount of candidate chemicals.

 In effect of various research projects conducted in collaboration with Polish Bureau for Chemical Substances, European Chemical Agency (EU), Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Germany), National competence centre for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection INERIS (France), The Institute of Occupational Medicine (UK), National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan), NSF-CREST Interdisciplinary Center for Nanotoxicity (USA) our scientists are involved in creating the law and research standards in Poland, EU and other countries.


We offer commissioned research and possibility of conducting joint R&D projects.

In our offer we also have packages of training courses related to the application of computational techniques in designing new chemicals, the use of advanced techniques of data analysis and visualization and statistical data analysis.


QSAR Lab - new H2020 projects on going

QSAR Lab will soon start its B+R activity in two H2020 projects: NanoSolveIT and RiskGone.







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New member of QSAR Lab team

We are glad to announce that Anna Rybinska-Fryca, PhD student has became a member of QSAR Lab team. She will performance among others in the implementation of R&D project PATROLS (H2020). Congratulations!



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EU Project

Scientists at QSAR Lab have signed agreement for an international collaborative grant to develop novel cutting-edge tests to prevent the use of animals when assessing safety concerns surrounding nanotechnology.



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