Computer methods as an alternative to animal testing
6 May 2019

Computer methods as an alternative to animal testing

At the beginning of the year, an article appeared in the journal "Kwartalnik Chemiczny", the authors of which are employees of QSAR Lab. The subject of the article are computer methods as an alternative to animal testing.

The REACH regulation has revolutionized the process of introducing new chemicals to the European Union market. Both manufacturers and importers have an obligation to register the product, which involves the need to provide information on physicochemical properties, potential toxicity and ecotoxicity of the substance. Therefore, series of experimental studies have to be performed, which in turn causes a high cost of the registration process.

The article discusses the so-called alternative methods, the use of which reduces the amount of animal testing and the costs of the registration process. Our experts discuss computer methods such as the QSAR method and read-across approaches, which are listed among the recommended alternative methods.

The entire article is available on the website: http://bit.ly/2Lr5THH



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