Computer mice - instead of laboratory mice
10 May 2019

Computer mice - instead of laboratory mice

New article with an interview of Tomasz Puzyn, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor, CEO at QSAR Lab appeared in the journal "Gazeta Wyborcza". The article is devoted to computer methods that are gradually replacing research in traditional laboratories.

In an interview, Prof. Tomasz Puzyn talks about the process in which chemistry comes out of traditional laboratories and gradually enters the virtual space. The professor together with the research team works on development of using computer methods in the risk assessment of new chemicals for humans and the environment. Currently, the team's research is largely focused on nanoparticles. "Nano" compounds are extremely important for the development of many industry sectors. Through the synthesis of these compounds, it is possible to obtain materials with unique properties that are useful in such fields as medicine, energetics and electronics. Professor emphasizes that despite the many advantages of nanoparticles, we shouldn’t forget that due to their specific properties, they can pose a higher risk to human health than classical chemical substances. Computer methods allows to eliminate potentially dangerous particles already at the stage of virtual research, before synthesis. What achievments has a team of Prof. Tomasz Puzyn in the field of computer chemistry and computer toxicology? Where will be chemistry for the next 20 or 50 years? Answers to these questions are in the full version of the article.

The interview was published on “Wyborcza.pl Trójmiasto" website on April 18, 2019.

The entire article is available on the website: http://bit.ly/2IEXqNN


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