FNP START fellowship for dr. Alicja Mikołajczyk
10 May 2019

FNP START fellowship for dr. Alicja Mikołajczyk

The Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) awarded START scholarships for the most talented, young scientists from Poland. This year award goes to 100 young researchers. Among the scholarship holders is our colleague dr Alicja Mikołajczyk, a member of the QSAR Lab team. We are very proud of our friend who, by her scientific achievements in chemistry, is at the forefront of Polish scientists of the young generation.

START is the one of the largest scholarship program in Poland for the best researchers before the age of 30, representing all fields of science. It was founded to honour the most talented young scientists and to encourage them to continue their scientific career. Scholarships are awarded through a multi-stage competition, which is supervised and enforced by external experts and reviewers. The quality and originality of the scientific achievements are the main criterion of the evaluation of candidates. The final decision on granting the scholarship is taken by the Foundation\\\'s Management Board and then approved by the FNP Council.

The laureates of the 2019 competition were selected from 899 candidates. It is worth to mention, that the average age of the winners is 29, and 60% of them have a PhD degree.

This year’s awards ceremony will be held at the Royal Palace in Warsaw, May 25th

Congratulations and a lot of successes in the future!


More information about the START 2019 program and the full list of scholarship holders can be found at:http://bit.ly/2LvHeBF


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