QSAR Lab on Brokerage Event in Munich Germany on 16th November 2017
30 November 2017

QSAR Lab on Brokerage Event in Munich Germany on 16th November 2017

QSAR Lab was represented by two Members of the Board, by Prof. Tomasz Puzyn – President of the Board, Scientific Director and Mr. Paweł Bajurski – Vice-President of the Board, Chief Financial Officer on Brokerage Event, which took place in Munich on 16th November 2017.


With  the  publication  of  the  work  programmes  2018-2020,  Horizon  2020  enters  its  final  phase.  That is the chance  to  participate  successfully  in  the  biggest  funding  programme  for  research  and  innovation worldwide.

The  Horizon  2020  Brokerage  Event 2017 Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials offered the opportunity to get in touch with excellent universities and innovative enterprises from all of Europe and to initiate joint EU projects. Four experienced organisations – the National Contact Points from Germany (NKS Werkstoffe), Poland (NCP in Poland) and the United Kingdom (Innovate UK), and the Bavarian Research Alliance – have joined forces to provide a platform dedicated to topic-based networking. 

Actors  from  the  field  of  nanotechnology  and new materials were able to find suitable project partners who are  interested  in  the  same  Horizon  2020  Nanotechnologies,  Ad-vanced  Materials,  Biotechnology,  and  Advanced  Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP) topics.


The formula of the event offered the possibility in attenging in: Bilateral Meetings, which enables  to  know  suitable  partners  for  our next  Horizon  2020  project  thanks.  All  participants  were  asked  to  indicate their topic(s) of interest in their profile so that a precise matchmaking was ensured. Each meeting lasted 15 minutes, which gives time to get collaborations started.


Soon more information about competitive consortium with strong partners which were built among others as a consequences of attending the event.


More information about the Brokerage Event:


The source of the picture is https://www.b2match.eu/nmp2017


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