Our services

QSAR Lab experts offer a wide range of services in the field
of designing new chemical compounds following

Safe and Sustainable by design approach.


QSAR Lab team has many years of experience in computational toxicology and in predicting the properties required to register chemical substances.

QSAR Lab experts have specialized in developing prognostic models for years, enabling a comprehensive assessment of the risks posed by new materials (including nanomaterials) to the natural environment and to human health and life.

At QSAR Lab, we develop and use the latest technologies to enrich your R&D project and facilitate scientific and business decisions. Explore the possibilities of advanced ML/AI methods.

Thanks to its expert chemoinformatics knowledge and many years of experience working on commercial projects, the QSAR Lab scientific team can offer you or your company specialized courses.

QSAR Lab experts in the field of computational technologies, computational chemistry, computer modeling techniques, nanotechnology and chemometrics have extensive experience in providing support services for R&D projects for the industry.

Check what methods in computational chemistry and toxicology our multidisciplinary team uses to solve your problem.