R&D consultations

R&D consultations

At QSAR Lab, we implement and use intelligent technologies that can constitute an important part of the R&D project and facilitate the decision-making process, both scientific and business.

Our goal is to combine specialized knowledge in chemistry and data analysis to meet customer needs. We offer advice on data analysis based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) methods.

Thanks to our experts and staff, qualified in

  • computing technologies
  • computational chemistry
  • computer modeling techniques
  • nanotechnology
  • chemometrics

we can support research at every step, from validating measurement methods through exploring existing scientific databases to chemometric analysis. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence methods allows us to identify key patterns in your data, determine relationships between variables, and estimate chemical substances’ biological activity/physicochemical properties.

If you are wondering whether we can support your activities or create an R&D project together, please contact us.
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