The research, development and implementation activity of QSAR Lab focuses on developing a set of computer tools enabling a comprehensive assessment of the risk posed by new materials (including nanomaterials) to the natural environment and to human health and life.

Get to know the tools developed by our company:


An AI-based bioinformatics tool and service supporting the design and development of molecular diagnostic tests


Model predicting BMD(L) values of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) in the context of AOP 173

A tool for predicting the physico-chemical properties, toxicity and ecotoxicity of titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles


Model predicting the toxicity of nanoparticles towards the CHO-K1 cell line using SAPNet

Database of available "New approach methodologies" (NAM) for alternative testing of nanomaterials

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