Analiza danych AI

Data analysis with machine learning and artificial intelligence

Excessive information noise and too much multidimensionality in available data do not allow for a comprehensive assessment of research results, even by experts in a given field. Therefore, one of the basic tasks of modern data analysis is extracting the most important information from the available data set.

Thanks to advanced machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) methods, we can identify existing dependencies and extract the most essential information in the context of the presented research problem.

Artificial inteligence

Machine learning

At QSAR Lab, we develop and use the latest technologies that can be an important part of an R&D project and facilitate the decision-making process, both scientific and business. We offer advanced machine learning/artificial intelligence methods to obtain relevant information in large data sets (e.g. chemical, medical).
Depending on the type of data and information the client wants to obtain, a team of experts will create a case study that is flexible for the client, in which all aspects of the conducted research will be described, such as:

  • description of the research problem and  hypotheses
  • description of the most appropriate and machine learning methods for the presented research problem
  • documentation containing reports with test results and their detailed description.
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