Thanks to our expertise in chemoinformatics and many years of experience working with commercial orders, the QSAR Lab scientific team offers specialized training in the following areas:

  • Development and validation of QSAR / QSPR models
  • Basics of methods of quantitative and qualitative modeling of the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity (Q) SAR and read-across as well as chemical risk assessment.
  • Statistical analysis of numerical data
  • Analysis of the internal structure of numerical data using chemometric techniques
  • Data visualization methods
  • Testing statistical hypotheses


Our training is conducted by a research team composed of specialists in the field of computer design and analysis of new, safe chemicals, nanotechnology, nanotoxicology, chemical statistics and chemometrics.

Training can take place according to standard programs developed by specialists or programs modified according to the client’s needs.

The training includes a theoretical component, in lecture format and a practical (workshop), during which participants independently perform the discussed issues on their computers. During the workshop part, it is possible to use real customer data in order to better present the possibilities of the presented methods in specific, customer-defined applications.


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