CompSafeNano H2020 project

QSAR Lab is realizing the CompSafeNano H2020 project and we have just started our first secondment!

Prof. Tomasz Puzyn is currently working at NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research which is one of the project partners.

About the CompSafeNano project:

The CompSafeNano project concerns the development of integrated and universal nanoinformatics models that will be widely used in all kinds of nanoforms (materials, composites) used and manufactured by manufacturing companies. Integrated nano-IT models will also be used by regulators to assess risks and make the right decisions. The project will also contribute to increasing the competence of scientists in the approach to nanoinformatics.

Training activities will benefit both ESRs and ERs from participating organizations, with a strong focus on inter-sectoral exchange (SME-academia) and international collaboration, filling the well-recognised current skills gap in nanoinformatics and big data analytics.

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