QSAR Lab’s activities in 2021!

It was a good Year❗️ 🎉 

A short summary of QSAR Lab’s activities in 2021:

🔵   We started the new year with the presentation of our website in a completely new version!
🟢   11 new members joined our team!
🔵   We run 4 new projects! three of them from the HORIZON EU Program (DIAGONAL, PROMISCES, NOUVEAU ) and one from NCBR (PeptAIm).
🟢   We have launched another edition of the internship program for young talented scientists, thanks to which we have 3 fantastic young specialists in our team, who often surprise us with their ideas and enormous knowledge.
🔵   QSAR Lab was awarded in two categories in Nagroda Pomorska Gryf Gospodarczy 2021 Competition: Leader of the Green Transformation and Leader of Innovation.
🟢   We conducted a module on Computational Toxicology as part of the Specialist Course for SafetyAssessors.
🔵   We wrote a few popular science articles that brought closer the use of in silico methods in the assessment of the toxicity of chemicals and the design of chemicals in accordance with the “safe by design” principle to a wider audience.
🟢   We have developed an easily accessible web-based application – AOP173 Key Pathway Predictor
🔵.  We took part in many conferences among others: NANOTOX 2021, Nanotexnology 2021, EUROTOX, INFOSHARE.
🟢   We hosted special guests in our office, who gave us extremely interesting lectures.

We are starting this year full of smiles, motivation and energy to make this year even more intense! ✨ ✨

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