AOP173 Key Pathway Predictor

We have developed an easily accessible web-based application – AOP173 Key Pathway Predictor. The app enables prediction of the ‘Agranulocyte adhesion and diapedesis pathway’ level response (BMDLaa), which is essential for early key event induced by multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) in Adverse Outcome Pathway for lung fibrosis (AOP173). The developed application is based on a recently published AOP-anchored nano-QSAR model by Jagiello et al. Link to the publication: link The app is user-friendly and requires only two input values from the user, the length and diameter of the desired MWCNT. Based on those, the application predicts the specific pathway BMDLaa value and subsequently assigns the examined nanotube to one of two groups: high aspect ratio or entangled nanotubes. Additionally, the user will receive information on which pathway associated genes will be down or up-regulated. Check our new APP NanoQSAR-AOP application

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