Course for Safety Assessors

At the end of February, Dr. Eng. Anita Sosnowska conducted a module on Computational Toxicology as part of the Specialist Course for Safety Assessors. 

We familiarized the participants with the following issues:
– Legal bases governing the use of computational methods in the risk assessment of chemical substances in a general context and the cosmetics industry.
– Mathematical (computer) modeling methods as tools for predicting the physicochemical properties of substances (including nanomaterials) and enabling their toxicological assessment: – Assumptions of the read-across method and QSAR / QSPR modeling.
– Role of tested / similar substances in predicting the properties of new substances, including CMR properties.
– Validation of the obtained results and the conditions determining the credibility of the modeling performed.
– Practical use of information obtained by computational modeling.

We are pleased that most of the questions were about the ecotoxicological properties. This proves that our mentality is changing, and great emphasis is placed on making the products we use are safe not only for our health but also for the environment.

Special thanks to THETA Consulting Sp. z o.o. for professional cooperation and great organization!

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